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    • Chongqing (Li 170****8980):Forty years of reform and opening up, ushered in the country's great development, great changes, many core technology no longer rely on import, domestic equipment with its high quality technical level, more and more public recognition, fierce the country, fierce my domestic equipment!
    • Henan (Zhang 150****9708):The aging population of China is increasing, the population of chronic disease is more and more, the living conditions are better, the diabetes is also more, the regular physical examination monitoring and monitoring of the changes of physical signs can achieve early prevention.
    • Anhui (Liu 181****8886):For the screening of diabetes, AEG is a new indicator that can predict the development of diabetes, not a diagnostic indicator, which can complement the traditional test indicators such as blood sugar, and diabetes non-invasive testing instrument makes it possible to prevent diabetes from treatment to prevention.
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