Yi Kangda Medical Selected the 1st Batch of Provincial-level Wisdom & Health Pension Demonstration Enterprises


      Recently, Anhui Provincial Commission of Economy and Information Technology, Anhui Provincial Department of Civil Affairs and Anhui Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission jointly released the "List of Anhui Province-level Smart Health Care and Old-age Nursing Applications", and Yi Kang Da Medical was successfully selected as an application demonstration enterprise.

       Smart health pension model business refers to a strong technical research and development capabilities or innovative service capabilities; with mature market-oriented applications, services, product product standards; with a clear business promotion model and profit model, and to provide a mature Smart health care products, services, system platform or the overall solution business. Establishing a benchmarking enterprise will promote the continuous improvement of the quality and efficiency of smart health care services in Anhui Province.

      Taking health needs as guidance and innovation as the driving force, Chinese Academy of Sciences, as a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing and service of innovative medical equipment, has always regarded innovation as the core competitiveness of its business development. Based on the support of the Chinese Academy of Sciences And other top scientific research institutes, universities and hospitals, and actively carry out "production, study and research" cooperation in the early detection of chronic diseases and genetic analysis and diagnosis of dozens of key technologies with independent intellectual property rights. Since the beginning of July this year, Yi Kangda Company has successively obtained the recognition of national hi-tech enterprises, the provincial engineering laboratories, and the ISO13485 certification. The pilot demonstration of the provincial-level health pension application is approved by the society for all the work of the company To be sure, the company will continue to focus on the "early detection of chronic diseases" and "gene analysis and diagnosis" areas, and strive to promote the company's development to a new height, and give practical demonstration role.
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