Yikangda Medical Marketing Center (Hefei Branch)

  Address: No. 2221 Changjiang Road, Hefei. China.

  Zip code: 230088
  Tel: 0551-65592125

  Hefei Institutes of Physical Science,  Chinese Academy of Sciences

  Address: No. 10 Science Road, Hefei, China.
  Post Code: 230031
  Tel: 0551-65581277

  Yikangda Medical

  Address: Pionering Park of USTC, Tongling, China

  Post Code: 244000

  Tel: 0562-5329803

  Bangkok Office

  Company Name:THAI LIFE CO., LTD

  Main Business: Marketing promotion and customer service in Southeast Asia; undertake medical certification, marketing and customer service of related products from other medical manufacturers in Thailand and neighboring countries.
  (Note: Econazole Medical Co., Ltd. Bangkok office has sales channel resources and marketing experience in medical instruments and equipment (especially chronic disease diagnosis and treatment products), and at the same time, it relies on the Bangkok Innovation Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences to directly interface with Thai government resources and Most practitioners are proficient in Thai, Chinese and English.)

  Office Address: 99/253, RAMA 9 RD.
  Phone: +66-818027972(Thailand)

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  • Chinese Academy of Sciences·Yikangda
  • Address: No.10 Science Road, Hefei, China
  • Tel: 0551-65592125
  • E-mail: ekangda@126.com
  • Address: www.ykdgd.com
  • Post Code: 230031
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