Professor Sompongse Suwanwalaikor Reports at International Diabetes Forum of ‘One Belt and Road’


Prof. Nam H. Cho(Chairman of the International Diabtetes Federation, Front Raw, Forth by Left)、Prof. Sompongse Suwanwalaikor(Front Row, First by Right)、Mr. Thammasatit Waiwit(Second Row, Second by Right)

        On September 9th, the second International Diabetes Forum, sponsored by the Chinese Diabetes Society, was held in Chengdu. More than 200 experts and scholars from the multinational diabetes field along the "One Belt and Road" countries, gathered to discuss the strategy of diabetes prevention and treatment. Professor Sompongse Suwanwalaikor, Vice-President of the Thai Endocrine Society, was invited to attend the conference and gave an academic report. The epidemic situation of diabetes in Thailand and the application of new non-invasive optical detection technology for diabetes in Thailand were introduced in detail.


       The survey shows that the incidence of diabetes is high in Southeast Asia, with the prevalence rate of diabetes among Thai adults being 8.45%, and the number of pre-diabetic population being more. Therefore, it is of great significance to find a breakthrough point in early detection of diabetes mellitus and explore a new non-invasive screening technology for diabetes mellitus. In recent years, Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASHIPS) has been carrying out the research work of "new technology of non-invasive detection of early diabetes mellitus". In the past year, with the support of the international cooperation project of CAHIPS and Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University have jointly launched the ‘applied research of non-invasive detection for diabetes in Thailand’. It is believed that in the near future, the non-invasive diabetes detection will be widely used in Thailand's general hospitals, community health service centers and other medical institutions for early warning of diabetes, and contribute to the prevention and control of Thailand and even Southeast Asia.

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