Big Events in 2018


Looking back on 2018, we have achieved a lot.


        ● On January 5, Yikangda was selected as the first provincial demonstration enterprise for the application of wisdom and health care for the aged.           

        ●From January 18 to 19, Professor Fu Jun, First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, was invited as guest researcher to reach scientific cooperation on early detection of major chronic non-communicable diseases.

        ●On January 22, Luo Yunfeng, Executive Vice Mayor of Hefei City, visited Yikangda Pilot Base.




        ●In February, the Spring Festival was welcomed, and Yikangda sent sincere wishes to all of you. 




        ●On March 7, Xu Yi and Vice President Zhang Jiwen of Hengda Health Industry Group came to our pilot base to deepen research cooperation.

         ●On March 8, the STS project "Sports Promotion Health Technology Service Network and Application Demonstration of Typical Industries" successfully passed the acceptance of experts in Hefei City, and the transformation of scientific research achievements such as non-invasive diabetes detector was highly praised.

     ●Participated in the "2018 National Health Examination Quality Control Conference" and the "2018 New Era Health Management Development Annual Conference of Shandong Province" to help build national and local health management disciplines. 




        ●On April 11-14, Yikangda Non-invasive Diabetes Detector appeared at the 79th CMEF Spring Exhibition, detonating the whole exhibition.
        ●On April 21, Yikangda assistance symposium on Health Management in Henan Province discussed the hot and difficult issues related to health management. 




        ●May 5-6, the annual health conference of 10 provinces and cities in the central and eastern region welcomed Yikangda Medical Home. Professor Wu Jun, Military Medical University and Xinqiao Hospital, was invited to give an academic presentation to all the guests.

        ●On May 6, Professor Tang Shiqi, People's Hospital of Wuhan University, was hired as a visiting researcher, which strengthened the scientific cooperation between the two sides in the fields of early detection of major chronic diseases.

        ●During the same period in May, all four newly declared projects of the team were approved as key research and development projects in Anhui Province.
        ●On May 25, the National Science and Technology Support Program "Medical Mass Spectrometry Spectrometry Detection Technology and Innovative Product Development" passed the acceptance test smoothly.

        ●On the 25-27 th of May, the launching ceremony of the "application and demonstration of diabetes non-invasive detector" in Thailand was successfully held in Hefei on May. The head of the group is Professor Ji Qiu He, deputy director of the Diabetes Association of the Chinese Medical Association, and the foreign partner is Professor Boonsong, chairman of the Endocrine Society of China.


         ●On June 5, Yikangda participated in the second batch of mid-term supervisory meetings for the construction of the National Clinical Research Base of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

        ●On June 6, the government delegation of Yangpu District of Shanghai visited Yikangda Company for investigation.

        ●On June 24, the seminar of Anhui Science and Technology Major Special Project "Research and Development and Application Demonstration of Non-invasive Diabetes Detection Equipment and Service Network Based on Big Data" was successfully held.


        ●Focusing on the application of optical detection technology and microfluidic technology, the R&D team has made new breakthroughs in the field of early detection of chronic diseases. Many research results have been published in excellent magazines at home and abroad. (Biosensors and Bioelectronics、Biomedical Optics Express、NPJ Digital Medicine) 


        ●On August 11-12, Yikangda Medical Carrier Non-invasive Diabetes Tester was invited to participate in the Eighth National Health Management Demonstration Base Construction Seminar.
       ●On August 20, Director Sun Yong of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Anhui Provincial People's Government visited our pilot base in Hefei High-tech Zone.

       ●Yikangda was rated as a "specialist and innovative" enterprise.


        ●From September 8 to 9, Yikangda was invited to attend the annual meeting of Guangdong Provincial Health Examination Management Committee in 2018.
       ●On September 9, Dr. Zhang Gong of Seven Oaks General Hospital of Canada came to our unit for academic exchanges.

       ●In September 9th, Professor Sompongse Suwanwalaikor, vice chairman of Thailand endocrine society, reported the application of non-invasive diabetes mellitus detector in Thailand at the International Diabetes forum. 


         ●On October 9-11, Yikangda, with its innovative medical equipment, "Non-invasive Diabetes Tester", appeared in 2018 "National Double Creative Activity Week".

        ●On October 12-14, at the 10th National Health Management Academic Conference, appropriate technology exhibition, expert lectures, excellent papers were published and displayed, showing the great development and promotion of non-invasive diabetes tester in the field of health management.

        ●On October 17, the leadership of China Health Promotion Foundation visited our company and reached cooperation intention on the multi-center project of appropriate technology for early non-invasive detection of diabetes mellitus, the construction of diabetes consortium and scientific research projects. 

        ●On October 23, the non-invasive diabetes detector appeared in the lecture hall of Anhui Satellite Television Health and Health Care Program "Health Inquiry".

        ●On October 29, the non-invasive diabetes tester made a brilliant appearance at CMEF Fall Exhibition, and Ikonda Medical Reproduced its elegant demeanor.




        ●From November 9 to 11, Yikangda helped to build the grass-roots health management system in Guangdong Province.
        ●On November 14-18, the non-invasive diabetes tester made a brilliant appearance at China International High-tech Achievement Fair.

        ●On November 28, the backbone of Yikangda team participated in the National Academic Conference on Diabetes and made a keynote report: A Retrospective Cohort Study on the Level of Accumulation of Glycation End Products in Skin and the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes.


        ●On December 2, Professor Bai Shuzhong, the honorary chairman of the China Health Promotion Foundation and the honorary chairman of the Health Management Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, visited the CASHIPS.

        ●On December 6, deputy director Chen Wenkai of the Science Development Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Sciences investigated the application and demonstration progress of non-invasive diabetes detector in Thailand.

         ●On December 10-11, the non-invasive diabetes detector appeared at the first National Conference on Scientific and Technological Innovation of Medical Devices in 2018.

        ●On December 12, the first technical committee of Anhui Medical Optical Diagnosis and Treatment Technology and Equipment Engineering Laboratory and the second technical committee of Anhui Biomedical Optical Instrument Engineering Research Center were successfully convened. Academician Liu Wenqing and Gu Ying were appointed as chairmen of the technical committee and 18 specialties from the General Hospital of the People's Liberation Army and the First Hospital of Peking University. To form a technical committee.

          ●On December 15, the end of 2018 Summary Meeting of Anhui Science and Technology Major Special Project "Research and Development and Application Demonstration of Non-invasive Diabetes Detection Equipment and Service Network Based on Big Data" was successfully held.
        ●On December 18-27, the 40th anniversary scientific and Technological Innovation Exhibition of Yikangda Assistance to Reform and Opening-up was held. Many media reported on the non-invasive diabetes tester.
        ●On December 30, the promotional film of non-invasive diabetes detector was launched.

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