Early Screening for Chronic Diseases

AGE Pro Non-invasive Detection of AGE



Advanced Glycation End products (AGE) are the glycosylated products of organic macromolecules, such as longevity protein, nucleic acid, and so on, which are involved in the occurrence and development of the chronic complications of diabetes, atherosclerosis, uremia, Alzheimer’s disease, cataracts and other diseases as well as senescence. It is not only an early risk factor of diabetes, but also a Pathogenicity factor of diabetic complications. AGE Pro irradiates human skin mainly by long-wave ultraviolet light. It reflects accumulation level of AGE by obtained spectral characteristic parameters of skin AGE, and finally applied to the detection of diabetes.

1.Product Functions
       1)AGE detection;
       2)Evaluation of diabetic retinopathy;
       3)Evaluation of diabetic neuropathy;
       4)Evaluation of diabetic nephropathy;
       5)Evaluation of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.
      2.Main features
   1)No need to draw blood, no trauma;
   2)Fast, single test time is less than 2 minutes.
      3.Applicable departments
       Endocrinology Dept. , Cardiology Dept. , Nephrology Dept. , Medical Examination Center.

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