Early Screening for Chronic Diseases

DM Scan Non-invasive Detection of Early Diabetes


Abnormally high concentration of AGE(Advanced Glycation End Products) in skin tissue is an early warning signal for diabetes and its complications. DM Scan, Non-invasive diabetes detector, uses safe light sources to irradiate human skin. The obtained optical signal reflects the level of AGE. And it is ultimately used in the non-invasive detection of early diabetes (Registration name: Non-invasive Diabetes Detector ).

1.Product Features

1)AGE detection;
       2)Evaluation of IR(Insulin Resistance) score;
       3)Evaluation of impaired glucose regulation score;
       4)Risk assessment of early diabetes.

 2.Main features
     1)Early: Early warning(3-5 years in advance) of high-risk people;
     2)Non-invasive: No need to draw blood;
   3)Fast: single test time is less than 60 seconds.

 3.Applicable departments
        Medical Examination Center, Endocrinology Department.

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