State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Wang Guoqiang and his entourage to visit diabetes


      On May 17, 2016, Wang Guoqiang, deputy director of the State Health Planning Commission, director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Liu Li, vice governor of Anhui Province, secretary of the Party Committee of Anhui Provincial Health Planning Commission, director Yu Dezhi, president of Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Accompanied by Professor Jian, Anhui Province Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine visited the National Clinical Research Base (Diabetes), and listened to the Diabetes Base and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Kang Yi on "advanced glycation end products in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes mellitus". Report on progress of cooperation research.

From left to right are: President Wang Jian, Dean Yang Jun, Secretary Wang Guoqiang, Professor Fang Zhaohui, and Dr. Wang Yikun

      Since the founding of New China, the national TCM clinical research base construction project has been a major construction project with the largest and highest level of state financial investment in the field of Chinese medicine and the highest degree of attention in and out of the industry. It is a strategic measure to rejuvenate and develop traditional Chinese medicine, With groundbreaking significance. After expert argumentation and rigorous appraisal, Anhui Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine became one of the two clinical research bases focusing on diabetes in China. During his visit to the Diabetes Base, Prof. Fang Zhaohui, Chief Scientist of the Base, introduced the AGE Pro product of our company to Dr. Wang Guoqiang: "The product is used to reflect the complications of diabetes mellitus (diabetic cardiovascular disease, Retinopathy, nephropathy, neuropathy) to achieve early screening, early intervention, give full play to the characteristics of Chinese medicine treatment of disease. Wang Guoqiang said after listening to the Secretary-General, "Chinese medicine prevention and treatment of diabetes, can not just stare at blood glucose, to see more than a few indicators, some people blood sugar down or a problem, according to the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine to make a comprehensive judgment, focusing on patients as a whole, play traditional Chinese medicine Feature ", has been unanimously approved by the presence of experts. Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences will continue to strengthen cooperation with Chinese medicine practitioners, fight for the prevention and treatment of diabetes to do more to contribute!
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