Anhui Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference Vice-Chairman Tong Huai Wei and his entourage to the company research


      On March 27, Tong Weiwei, Vice Chairman of CPPCC Anhui Province, made a special investigation on "promoting innovation platform construction and accelerating the transformation of scientific and technological achievements". Accompanied by researcher Liu Yong, he made a special trip to visit and exchange .

      As a representative enterprise transferring scientific research achievements, Yi Kang da Co., Ltd has established a series of high-tech enterprises, such as "Wanjiang Emerging Industry Development Center", which relies on the scientific and technological achievements transformation platform of Hefei Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, many famous universities and research institutes home and abroad Close cooperation and approved the establishment of Anhui Province Biomedical Optical Instrument Engineering Research Center to effectively promote the biomedical optical instruments and equipment of key technologies, core components and innovative products research and development and industrialization work. At present, the company has mastered dozens of key technologies with completely independent intellectual property rights in the fields of early stage chronic disease screening and genetic analysis and diagnosis.

      Looking forward to the future, the company will continue to maintain the professional and innovative features in a long-term manner. With the guidance of health needs, the Company will continue to strengthen the cooperation of "industry, university and research institutes" in the direction of "chronic disease early screening equipment" and "genetic analysis diagnostic equipment" Advanced, first-class results, "the biomedical optical equipment suppliers.

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