Dong Zhifeng, deputy director of China Biotechnology Development Center and his entourages to conduct research


      On November 4, Dong Zhifeng, deputy director of China Biotechnology Development Center, deputy director Li Pingping, and associate researcher Li Weiqi, deputy researcher Zhao Xingang of CASDC, and Prof. Li Xiuqing of Tsinghua University came to YiKangDa Company to investigate innovative medical equipment R & D work. Vice President Jiang Hehe of Hefei Research Institute led the R & D team and visited the expert group for in-depth exchanges.

Meeting exchange

On-site inspection

      Note: China Biotechnology Development Center was established on November 3, 1983 with the approval of the State Council and is directly under the Ministry of Science and Technology. The main responsibilities are to carry out strategic research and policy analysis in the field of biotechnology in our country, to participate in the formulation of national science and technology plans, to undertake the specialized management of science and technology plan projects, to undertake the work related to biological resources and biosafety management, to promote the transformation and industrialization of fruits and promote International exchange and cooperation.
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