This Time, Non-invasive Diabetes Screening Technology Entered India


Recently, relevant R & D personnel of Yikangda team visited a number of well-known hospitals in India, such as P.G.I.M.E.R. (Postgraduate Institute of medical education & Research) hospital, Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital, etc., and had in-depth exchanges with many authoritative experts in endocrinology of India on the detection principle and clinical application of new non-invasive screening technology for diabetes. The hospital has officially installed and used the non-invasive diabetes detector, which marks that the new non-invasive diabetes screening technology has officially came into India. 

In the past two years, with the support of other projects such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the team has established the first overseas clinical research base for diabetes non-invasive screening technology in Ramathibodi Hospital Affiliated to Mahidol University in Thailand, and has applied demonstration in several hospitals and made good progress in Southeast Asia. India belongs to South Asia. Due to health, economy, social habits and other reasons, India is a high incidence area of diabetes in the world. Countries in the region spend a lot on direct medical treatment in the field of diabetes every year, and there is an urgent need for early screening technology of diabetes. During this visit to India, many experts in diabetes said that through the introduction of scientific research achievements from China, an important breakthrough in non-invasive early screening technology for diabetes was achieved in India. It is expected that with the application and promotion of this technology, the prevention and treatment of diabetes in India will be greatly promoted.           

Looking forward to the future, the team will continue to respond positively to the national "One Belt and Road" initiative and strive to provide leading and high-quality technology, products and services for more people at home and abroad with innovative research results.

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