Noninvasive Diabetes Detector Appeared on "National Popular Science Day"


On September 19, 2020 "National Science Popularization Day" was held in Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The activities of Science Popularization Day focused on 66 specific activities of 3 special topics, including characteristic science popularization activities, exhibition activities and network activities, which provided a wonderful science popularization feast for the public.

As one of the scientific and technological innovation products, Non-invasive Diabetes Detector has attracted many popular science enthusiasts to actively consult, experience and exchange. During the period, the device has the advantages of fast, non-invasive and accurate, which has left a deep impression on the public and realized that science and technology has changed life.           

The National Science Popularization Day aims at forming an atmosphere of science, learning and loving science, and laying a solid mass foundation for scientific and technological innovation. In the future, YKD company will continue to be committed to the large-scale promotion and application of new non-invasive detection technology for diabetes, and make more positive contributions to the public health cause.

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